Screen Printed Interactive Invite

6 thoughts on “Screen Printed Interactive Invite”

  1. this is brilliant Mike and Tom – really lovely concept and execution. Housing looks lovely too. Gutted I’m not going to be able to get up to Dundee for the party. Hopefully see you all soon though, and I look forward to seeing what else you guys can do with the ink.

  2. Hey guys,

    This is beautiful! We’d love to put it up on if that’s OK with you. Do you have any video of the invite working? Send me an email, I’d love to talk about how you made it.


  3. Holy heck! This is absurdly brilliant! The invites brought about the same feeling as the golden tickets from “charlie and the chocalate factory” Wonderful concept, beautiful execution as far as typography and form factor of the arduino box and the clip! Such great ideas. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the future documentation. (HURRY IT UP ALREADY!) 🙂

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