Plastic Fantasia exhibited in Naples’ Museum of Plastic

Plastic Fantasia sign

Last night was the sneak preview of Plastic Fantasia for the Italian press and art & design society in Napoli. Anna Clara Rendahl, Patrick Stevenson-Keating, Mike Shorter and Elio Caccavale (all from the Product Design course at the University of Dundee) have been working on the project comissioned by PLART, museum of plastics in Napoli since October, recently being joined by Mike Vanis (from Digital Interaction Design) in the last few weeks.

Plastic fantasia is a world of sinister delight, mysteries and curiosities. In the domestic environment, traditionally products live a contented life. However, in Plastic Fantasia, everything is not quite as it seems. In this world, the products have a life of their own, detached from normality. They are menacing and murderous. They scuttle and scurry, each product becoming a part of a larger horrifying story.

Plastic fantasia is a freak show where plastic design classics have been transformed into animated monsters, merging the ideas of a House of Horros and the classic Disney film “Fantasia” where inanimate objects come to life.

This project forms the focal point of the latest exhibition in the PLART museum, and is surrounded by other pieces from numerous Italian designers. Plastic Fantasia has been wonderfully received by the press, making it onto National TV and newspapers, and also by those people lucky enough to see the exhibition before its opening to the general public on Friday 1st April.

It has been a fantastic experience for the young designers to present this project to such a large audience, and to represent the University of Dundee as they will soon be graduating this June. We are now looking forward to enjoying the last few days in Napoli and everything it has to offer before the preview, and then heading back to Scotland on Sunday.

Plastic Fantasia

Plastic Fantasia

Plastic Fantasia

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