Jute[bar], [Ideas] Jam, and Journalism – #productDundee finds its #MoJo

What a day!

24 hours with @cyberdees and @thornet in Dundee – the day that Mozilla came to town….

After four weeks of skype chats / emaila / txt / twitter DMs and avoiding hurricane storms and volcanic ash clouds Desigan Chinniah and Michelle Thorne meet up in Dundee’s Jute bar – for the start of 24 hours of idea jamming on design technology and journalism.

With over 150 people registered we had a great turnout of designers (60%), technologists (30%) and journalists (10%) [note to ed. not scientific, but how I remember the hand-showing at the start of the day….]. Dees [with a 24-hour avatar of Dundees] kicked things off with the MoJo news innovation challenges followed by Devon Walche asking us to think about the qualitative experience of news – and demonstrates that we in the bloggershere REALLY don’t like to be told what to do at reddit.com.

So we want to be is independent. But what about the independence of news. What makes news, news? Paul Egglestone’s inspirational and motivational talk about what makes news news starts with the 101 of journalism that “News has to be new!”. And then goes on a journey from hyper-local to global news and what it means to be a journalist. He finishes on the future role of journalism – with an upbeat future forecast that we have never needed journalism than we have today, showing how citizen journalists have been working in communities such as the Callon and Fishwick estate in Preston – with the example of Insight Journalism on the Bespoke Project.

And that was the scene set. Next-up – the ‘jammers’ get to work on Irn Bru, Pizza and Ideas.

The ideas count is not yet in – we’re still counting! But we had 100s of ideas – with 1000s of post-it notes, 120 sharpies and 1600 post-cards capturing thoughts, posing questions while going on and off brief to the challenges set.

I’ll follow up with an ‘evaluative’ post about the day soon, but some of the initial trends of ideas on the day were

From explorations of how navigate to a fantastic Anatomy of a Comment Thread, but also ideas about when/how a comment can become the story itself.

The Shape of News
I posed this question earlier in the day – to get people to think beyond the rectangle – with an emergence that news is round…. discuss.

How can we integrate the crowd experiences?

We’re starting to upload – so check out the ideas as they emerge on the #MoJo submission page.

And then the original firestarter -@CyberDees got lining up the drinks….

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