Culture Hack Scotland, Skinny’s Jeans and Trackman Word Installation


Mike, Tom, Roy and Jack all headed over to Glasgow for Culture Hack Scotland last weekend for 24 hours of hacking objects using an amazing bunch of data sets from various cultural services.

After a couple of hours of idea generation it was midnight and we decided we had better decide on what ideas we wanted to make. By this time we were all getting a bit delirious and decided to take the Skinny’s listings data and make a pair of jeans progressively dance more as more events were happening in Glasgow, visualising the cultural activity in the city.

We also wanted to take the data from a new novel by Catriona Child, Trackman. 

We decided to isolate sections of text so the viewer could reflect on each element more than if it was in a body of text. We wanted this to be an interactive installation, the text would only reveal itself when the viewer was in proximity.

Mike holding up the workings of Skinny’s Jeans.

A quick video of the first testing of Skinny’s Jeans…….

Testing the pico projector around Society M.

The final install for the Trackman installation, subtly positioned on one of the desks in the main room with the pico projector cleverly hidden in a lamp above.

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