Conductive Ink Workshop at MakLab


Mike, Tom and Roy from the research studio held a conductive ink workshop at the wonderful MakLab in Glasgow. The aim of the workshop was to introduce conductive inks to to collection of Glasgow creatives to show them its potential. The workshop was attended by people from various backgrounds, from design to printmaking.

We went armed with some 555 timer circuits that allowed people to get stuck right into playing with the ink and interactions, and not worry too much about the technology side of things. The 555 timer circuits made it really easy for people to create basic noise making devices.

Due to the fact that the technology for the workshop was pre-prepared it really allowed people to concentrate on creating some great paper interactions. By the end of the night the ink had moved away fro paper and onto other objects like wooden blocks and even skin (much against the manufacturers recommendation).

Workshops like this are always rewarding because not only do you get to meet a bunch of great new people, you also always come away with some new information – this workshop was no exception. Sophie Dyer introduced us to a low tech screen-printing technique. This technique allowed us to rattle out  multiples of prints in less than an hour (this even includes cleaning the screen!). The magic thing about this process is that you can create detailed prints without having to expose a screen. Instead, you use a vinyl cutter to create the mask, and stick it on the underside of the screen. You then put a towel (or something soft) down on the table, tape your paper to the back of the screen and away you go!

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