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Hacking in front of an audience – Met Office at the V&A

Starlight by Fieldguide

Jon, Tom and Mike from the studio have recently been busy with their Fieldguide project. Along with fourth Fieldguide co-founder Pete Thomas and his Uniform colleague Martin Skelly they created StarLight, an interactive lighting installation using space data. StarLight is a concept first seeded by Jane Wallace and James Thomas from the University of Northumbria.

StarLight is a collaboration between Fieldguide and the Swedish lighting manufacturer Wästberg. In 2009, NASA launched their Kepler space observatory to look at the light from far off stars and interpret their flickering and pulsing in order to discover habitable planets. StarLight uses NASA data to allow people to replay the light that originated from stars light-years away, giving people a sense of connectedness to these stars and encouraging them to dream of far-off worlds. Wästberg works with the most renowned architects and designers, combining aesthetic sensibility with Swedish engineering mentality. Their products have won over 40 awards for excellence and they represent a leading player in the future of lighting design.

The launch for this event is on Thursday the 19th Sept from 6pm onward at the Imperial College reception.

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Space Issue of Fieldguide at





SXSW 2013 – Make Space Data Physical

Conference on ‘Community voices’ in Azores

Recently I had the opportunity to present my research at a conference on ‘Listening to community voices: Exploring the wealth of coastal fisheries’. The conference was a perfect venue for presenting my research in design, technology and community voices. It was also a good opportunity for me to represent the application of technology and acquire feedback from the communities.

The most interesting part of the conference for me was the discussion with the stakeholders at Rabo de Peixe, the opportunity to show and explain the research outcomes to the stakeholders was a great idea. It was a great experience for me as a researcher to know and understand my stakeholders.

The technology that helped translate Portuguese to English and vice versa was brilliant and I thought it helped to break the language barriers in such International conferences. And also the people who helped us with translation during our discussions and workshops did a great job in bringing the discussion together.

During the conference the contacts I built helped me to test my research methods, which I have been developing in the past 12 months as apart of my PhD research.

As a researcher working on Communities in different cultural context I found the conference to be benefiting as it was a great opportunity to interact and develop networks from researchers, practitioners who are working in the similar field. Participating in the discussions alongside researchers and stakeholders helped me understand their requirements.

Rameshwaram- Field study

Story Cultures – Presentation at UbiComp 2010