Announcing Insight Journalism

We are proud to announce the launch of the findings from the Bespoke Project


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This came about after Justin Marshall secured us a space at the V&A during the London Design Festival 2011. Given a 3 month window from June to September, we set about a speed-writing process of a summer in Falmouth. Locked in a room with Jusin, John Mills and Alicia Blum-Ross we set about generating the story of Bespoke – including blueprinting our methodology and sourcing stories from as many of the project participants as possible – including participants on the project (such as DubP and Dhee) and many of the researchers.

What I really enjoyed about it was that I was able to write knowing that I had the safety net of John and Alicia – who I have to say are absolutely incredible at working with my slightly raw content – picking up on the story and ensuring we were saying what we wanted to in a way that we wanted people to hear.

Alongside John and Alicia, Justin sourced an incredibly easy-to-work-with and talented Graphic Design agency, Sames and LittleJohns – who were very patient with our many requests for edits and changes and worked through some intricate and clear info-graphics for our blueprint and timelines. Nice work guys!

So my new thing is that if I’m going to write, I’m only going to write collaboratively – the mix of content, editing and graphic design made for something I’m incredibly proud to say I’m a part of…. but that’s my view. Download it – it’s a bit of a read (you wouldn’t want two and a half years of research to end up only with a 1,500 word paper would you….). If you read one thing, read the closing editorials.

But the take home message from this is that if you’re wanting to make a hire to find out about our communities – make sure you hire an Insight Journalist.

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