Introducing the Small Society Lab

The Small Society Lab launched last night – to a great crowd sourced from Dundee’s cultural and community organisations. We’ve moved the research group lock-stock-and-transistor to the the Visual Research Centre at Dundee Contemporary Arts… and I have to say it is fantastic! It’s like a summer holiday for the group – with our own patio a great cafe and exhibitions literally above our heads. We love it!

The point of the lab is to twofold – externally, to build links with the people and organisations of Dundee and internally, to provide new ways for PhD researchers to work with people to test their thinking, ideas and design work…. I’ll write more over the next few days, but check out the website and get involved – and any suggestions for how to improve / what we can do – get in touch.

Follow us @smallsocietylab and #smallsocietylab