Vision Plus Conference at NID

I had a fantastic trip to the National Institute of Design (NID) hosted by Praveen Nahar and MP Ranjan. I was there to chat about how design can work with healthcare systems, but became involved with the Vision Plus Conference – giving a talk on Bespoke on the first day.

Some great insights – my favourite quote was from Ranjan in response to a talk on sanitation in India that was a little heavy on data and less on delivery (although the speaker did say it was the start of the project…) – “There is evidence-based design and design-based evidence and they are two sides of the river. How can we build bridges?”.

(I even got a little time for a spot of Christmas shopping with one of Praveen’s students taking me around Ahmebadad on an auto-rickshaw).


Wayfinder for Bespoke

I have been busy knocking up some prototypes for the Bespoke Wayfinder. The Wayfinder in a robotic signpost that can have its content updated by text, and it also points in the direction of the activity. It could show a local football match or just point to a nice sunset. I have made a free standing Wayfinder as well as a wall mounted version. For these prototypes I have not added a fully working LED display, but both will have one. Here are some pics of the Wayfinder…..

Here’s a little demo video….

Wayfinder demo