Bespoke Update

As bespoke ventures into the second design phase I thought I would give you a quick update on what has been going on.

Our portable CCTV unit has finally been deployed in Preston. This is a portable 5m high camera, that when you press ‘the big red button’ it captures the last 30 seconds of footage and uploads it either locally or onto the internet. It is currently in the care of the Fishwick Rangers, a local football team, who plan to use it for training and capturing competitive match highlights.

There are currently plans to develop a more personal home CCTV unit that can be permanently fixed looking onto some-ones garden, I will keep you posted on this….

The digital buskers are currently planning a national tour, being used as promotional tools for Dub P and Shaks.
The buskers have had some alterations; to select a track that you want to listen to you now simply text a track number to them and they will start to play. This also allows the users to text feedback to them for both us and the artists to read. They still play in stereo which makes them more engaging. This latest decision to have them text activated came from discussions we had with the community last month when we took all the Bespoke objects down for a crit.

We had the Bespoke ideas press conference last month. Here we watched and discussed all the community journalists video pieces. We then went away and came up with around 100 ideas inspired by this journalism, and presented the five best ideas back to the press. These ideas were:

The Viewpoint: A new way for the community to vote on issues
Log-a-jog: A new exercising scheme to populate parks, increase fitness and deter arson.
Home Screens: Multiple networked screens imbedded in peoples homes to act as Bespoke notice boards.
The Wayfinder: A signpost that updates and points towards the latest events in the community.
Community Radio: A radio station by the community for the community.

The community journalists are back out on the streets as we speak getting peoples thoughts on these ideas, and hopefully in the next week or so we will know exactly what we will be building for phase two!

Laze-Haar Shop + Apple Karts

We were invited by King Creosote to run some workshops at the Haarfest in Anstruther. This was a week long festival of music, arts, performance and workshops. We decided to take the laser cutter with us for the festival and get the artists/performers and paying ticket holders to cut/etch whatever they wanted. We had loads of families giving us stones to etch from the beach, djs making limited edition box sets and even a small boys tooth (it had just fallen out). It really did become a community fab lab where people of all ages could make or customize their own objects.

Apple Karts

Apple Karts was a project that we took on earlier this year. Elio, Jon, Mike and Pete put together a remote control car that is programmed using your iPhone, a physical App. To program the car all you had to do was record a tune on your iPhone using a toy trumpet; the trumpets had four notes, each not corresponds to forwards, back, left or right. Once you have recorded your tune you simply plug the phone into the car and it will drive your programmed route. We were asked to take these out to Milan to run a workshop  as part of the Il Compasso Di Latta event in  La Triennale di Milano. To make it more fun we decided to make them drawing machines, so that over the course of the workshops we would create giant works of art.